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VVC.UK Ltd, trading as
Veteran Vespa Club


1. Name
The trading name of the club is Veteran Vespa Club.

2. Purpose
Its purpose is to encourage and support the preservation, restoration and use of classic Vespa scooters, ie all gear-change models.

3. Ownership
It is owned and operated by VVC.UK Ltd, a company limited by guarantee. A managing committee made up of members appointed by the Board, including the three Directors of VVC.UK Ltd, will administer the club of behalf of its members.
3.1 All Managing Committee members will be appointed by the Directors pursuant to the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
3.2 The club is recognised by the Vespa Club of Britain.

4. Membership
Membership of the Veteran Vespa Club is open to anyone aged 18 or over with an interest in classic Vespas, whether or not they own one.
4.1 There are two categories of membership: Single and Family. Current membership fees are listed on the club’s website www.veteranvespaclub.co.uk
4.2 All membership applications are subject to the approval of the Managing Committee, which reserves the right to refuse or cease membership if this is considered to be in the interests of the club.
4.3 Honorary Membership is reserved for individuals who have a made a significant contribution to the Veteran Vespa Club, and requires agreement from the membership.
4.4 Members will be eligible to attend and vote at the club’s annual general meeting.

5. Membership Benefits
5.1 Members will receive a club journal (currently published quarterly), plus access to the club’s website for news, technical advice and other information.
5.2 Members will also be eligible for any discounts made available by retailers for the club’s organised events.
5.3 The Managing Committee will organise at least two events each year for members, retaining the ambiance and style of 1950’s scootering. Although primarily social occasions, members are encouraged to ride, display and promote their classic Vespas.
5.4 The club will organise a shop for members with a selected stock of clothing, club memorabilia, cog badges and general regalia items.

6. Liability
In as far as the Directors are able, some of the liabilities of the company arising from the club’s day-to-day activities are protected by a policy issued by the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF). The club’s organised events enjoy specific liability cover from the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU) on a per-event basis.
6.1 The Veteran Vespa Club, its officers and committee members accept no liability in respect of them performing any of their obligations in the running of the club/company. It is a matter for each individual to satisfy themselves as to the suitably of any course, facility, advice or product (including machinery and clothing) offered by venues, landowners, advertisers or manufacturers and for such individuals to ensure that adequate insurance and medical arrangements have been made to protect their interest with regard to any activity undertaken.
6.2 Club events will have insurance arranged as befits the nature and exposure of the occasion. Where appropriate, the Veteran Vespa Club buys cover from the ACU in the form of a permit. The current permit procedure should be followed and is available from the General Secretary.

7. The Board of Directors
The Board of Directors will conduct the proceedings of the club in accordance with the Articles of Association, including financial accounting. There will be a maximum of three directors, with the Finance Director acting as Club Treasurer and the Company Secretary acting as club General Secretary. Only one director will seek election at each AGM in order to maintain continuity.

8. General Meetings
All General Meetings will be in accordance with the Articles of Association.

9. Complaints
Any member is entitled to complain about anything over which the Veteran Vespa Club has control to any member of the Managing Committee in writing.
9.1 The Managing Committee will determine any action needed and notify the complainant of their decision.

10. Closure
In the event of the membership deciding that the club should close down, the Directors of VVC.UK Ltd would look to support the members’ decision and realise the company's assets, the proceeds of which, together with any funds held, would be used to make a charitable donation to the National Motorcycle Museum or some other registered charity of the Directors’ choice.

16 October 2010