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Veteran Vespa Club - About the Committee

President - Frank Brookes
Frank Brookes has had a continuous relationship with Vespas since on leaving the Navy in 1959 when he trained as a Vespa mechanic. In his day, Frank was a very active competition rider. Highlights include being part of the Vespa Club of Britain team in several European Vespa regularity championships.
Frank had the idea of forming a club catering exclusively for older Vespas in 1964 – long before the idea of preserving post war vehicles was fashionable. He personally organised the first Veteran Vespa run from Tattenham Corner, Epsom, to Brighton in 1964. Since then the Veteran Vespa club has gone from strength to strength always with guidance from Frank. These days he lives in retirement in Brighton with his wife Jean. Although he doesn’t do any actual riding these days, Frank still takes an active role in the club’s activities

Chairman - Roger Smith
Started out life with a beloved GS150 in the early sixties, rested up for 30+ years and now feeling revitalised with an active vespa collection. Riding one of my vintage vespas to the annual Eurovespa pilgrimage gives me a buzz as does seeing friends and colleagues enjoying
the camaraderie that Vespas inspire.

General Secretary/Sponsorship -Chris Wainwright
From Wakefield, West Yorkshire. I first fell in love with scooters at the age of 7 when I was sat on my uncle’s shiny red Lambretta back in 1974. I didn’t really understand what it was at the time, I just knew I wanted one.
I embraced Modernism in 1978 during the fantastic revival and immersed myself completely with the whole scene, the clothes, the music and the style. As soon as I was old enough I purchased my first scooter, a brand new Vespa 50 Special, in January 1984, and have owned Vespas ever since.
I became a V.V.C. member in 2008 and attended my first Rally at Dorking. We were welcomed with open arms, and have attended every rally from then on.
I was asked to become a committee member at the AGM in 2011 where my club duties are sponsorship coordinator and event marshal.
What makes the VVC special for me is the camaraderie, the fun and the pleasure it gives to be part of something with other likeminded people sharing our passion for the classic Vespa.
This is our gang! And I am proud to be part of it.

Treasurer /Web Manager Peter Rose
Peter got involved with Vespa in 1960 and was an active member of Luton VC until around 1966.He took early retirement in 1995 when he purchased a PX to get back into scootering. He re-joined VVC. He has restored a SS180 to replicate the last Vespa he owned in the 60's. He has rebuilt a German made GS3. For day to day travel he also owns a PX 150 which he rides regularly. Married to Carole who also gets involved in the VVC events. Living in Hertfordshire, Peter is also involved with Herts Beds Vespa Club.

Membership Secretary-Tony Purdy
Thirteen years ago Tony was still riding a big motorbike a Kawasaki VN750 V twin, it was a big lumbering cruiser, he loved it, but his damaged left knee did not. After a year of owning this bike he knew a change was needed and a scooter seemed like the best option. A twist & go Piaggio Hexagon replaced the VN750, this traded in a year later for the new Vespa GT200. Tony was then placed an ad in Scootering for anyone interested in forming a local Vespa club in Hertfordshire. Peter Rose answered this ad and after a successful first meeting, and linking up with people Peter already knew the Herts & Beds Vespa Club was born. Is was not long before Tony got more interested in the classic geared scooters and soon manage to swap the GT for a PX200 which he has had for about 8 years, longer than any other bike he has owned. HBVC has been in existence for 10 years now, and Tony feels well and truly hooked on scooters. He often says he has made more friends on a scooter than he ever did on a motorbike.

Committee Member - Warren Jopson
I first became interested in Vespas in the 80's when working with a guy who bought a small frame for his 16th. As I was not old enough I had to make do with putting mirrors on my push bike.
The first Vespa I bought was a small frame 90. I soon found out that I was not built for a small frame!! It was then sold and I bought my 152L2 in a box of bits, this was around 1995.
I always rode on my own as at the time there was no one local to me that owned a scooter.
In 2010 Hayley & I went backpacking to Vietnam.Whilst there I got talking to a guide, each day I was presented with all shape and sizes of so called Vespas!
Eventually one turned up that I liked. At this time I was even more clueless about Vespas than I am now and so that’s when it happened! It was time to join the VVC on line. Desperate for advice, to buy or not? Due to the time difference I could not get an immediate anwser so I bought it.
When I opened the reply from the VVC, Mr Drake says DON'T BUY!! Opps!
The scooter I now call my ole faithful was purchased. This was one of the changing points of my future life, it gave me the Vespa bug and introduced me to a great community of Vespa nuts; the VVC, with a wide range of knowledge and welcome advice. So I went from owning one Vespa and riding alone, to owning 13 and riding with hundreds of fellow Vespa nuts from around the world!!!!

Committee Member - Peter Hanman